Nestle Purina, Hartwell, GA

New Pet food Plant for canned dog and cat foods

SPG provided major equipment setting services for a large canned pet food manufacturing line on Nestle’s Phase I effort of building out this plant, successfully wrapping up the effort in April, 2019. Our scope included rigging and setting of cooking, packaging, conveying, and other production equipment.

Dozens of shipping containers and Flat Beds were arriving daily at times

Our team’s efforts also included collaborating with Nestle Purina and one of their key equipment fabricators in Wisconsin, on how to best fabricate, ship, receive, and assemble 2 level platform systems with oven modules; and for other equipment, mezzanines, etc.

Both food production and distribution will be housed in this former textile mill, with over 1 million sq. ft. of space

SPG also completed the major process piping contract for this same area, including sanitary piping systems, stainless utility piping and specialty process piping.