SPG Construction with Madison County teachers

SPG Construction Welcomes Madison County Teachers

      Today SPG Construction hosted high school teachers from Madison County to learn more about the company and the industrial construction market place. The visit included a meeting with top managers, including CEO, Todd Ballard and COO, Brian Holcombe, a presentation about SPG, and a meet & greet with key SPG personnel.

Community meetings like these offer educators a greater understanding of the many options to students as they graduate. As students consider a college degree in finance, information technology, or construction management, or enroll in a technical school to learn a trade in electrical, pipe fitting, or welding, the industrial construction market place offers many great career opportunities. As attendees discussed how they might help students discover options, teachers like Ms. Linda Prados shared how she can see the direct practical application of her teaching algebra to her students for a career in construction. Likewise, Ms. Devyn Petterson, who teaches Spanish, commented on the opportunities she sees for her students to apply a second language in construction.

SPG Construction continuously seeks opportunities to connect with the community. “I think today was very beneficial for all involved and I want to thank these teachers for taking time to learn more about SPG”, said Brian Holcombe, SPG – Chief Operations Officer.

If you know a student or graduate who is interested in a career in this exciting business, please share this post or direct them to learn more about SPG at www.SPG.net.