SPG does our own rigging, lift plans and lifts

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SPG replaced a contractor midway through an important job, due to quality issues, safety concerns, and the project being approximately a month behind schedule.
With a critical deadline looming to have the facility in operation, SPG mobilized approximately 50 team members to this Indiana site within a week.
Our manpower peaked at 70 working day and night.
Our scope included fabrication and erection of large steel structural elements and conveying solutions, large concrete foundations, and extensive steel structural erection.
Equipment installed included multiple bucket elevators, belt conveyors, reclaim conveyors, ceramic lined chutes and transitions custom fabricated on site. 3 truck unloading buildings; concrete foundations and area paving.  Piping- including air piping, and sample lines
Lifts planned and executed by SPG included high lifts of over 100,000 pounds each
SPG expedited our scope and got the project back on schedule, and exceeded Cargill’s expectations.